Unlike other English Speaking Training institute, we train students through drama techniques. In this method a desire to express in English is created among the students who then think and speak in English. Role plays, loud reading and discussions form the basis of our English speaking training.

1st STEP

As a 1st step the new trainee is helped to brush up his/her grammar. Minimum basic grammar rules are taught. Then the student is made to do lot of written work in class and/or at home. Knowledge of grammar is updated with practice.


We encourage students to think in the language they speak at a particular time. Techniques are taught so that while speaking they do not have to translate from vernacular language to English. Our trainers insist that all the students speak only in English. They are trained to think in English.

At Nimble, we understand the importance of speaking any language fluently.

This way only you can retain your confidence for conversation in English.

Proper breathing and adequate pauses are critical for speaking any language effectively, more so English. Our module on Voice Culture ensures that student imbibe these rules in their personality.
At Nimble Academy we are extremely cautious in choosing our trainers.

They have lot of enthusiasm. We follow our traditional Indian Guru Shishya Parampara. In this tradition the teacher also plays the role of a mentor. We consider this role is necessary while imparting knowledge of a language.