Creating a strong desire is a key to powerful expression. An person wanting to speak good English must first create a strong desire to speak the language. Learning English requires practice. This proves to be difficult, inconvenient, or embarrassing to most learners in the beginning. Anyone used to the comfort zone of his language finds it very difficult to make sentences in English.

Yet, this is just what is required. After all English Speaking is only about creating and delivering sentence after sentence – clearly and correctly. A strong desire to express can overcome this problem. It not only helps an individual overcome nervousness, but also enables him to focus more clearly on the message to be conveyed.

A strong desire to express shifts the focus of attention to the listener, away from the communicator’s own inhibitions, personal difficulties and negative feelings about his/her language.

The Desire to Express has a positive impact on the personality of the communicator and creates a positive communication environment whether at home or at the work place. If communication is a bridge between two individuals – the desire to communicate is the concrete that is used to build this bridge!

So have a strong desire to communicate and remember the words: Communicate to Express! Never Communicate to Impress!!