English language today, has become a language of the world. Sometime ago, people in our country felt that only high nosed dandies speak English. Today, it is not so. Today, the most talented engineers, doctors and other professionals do not bloom because of their inability to use the English language to their advantage.

For any professional it is necessary to express his/her ideas. Therefore being very comfortable in the language of work is absolutely necessary. Our education system unfortunately does not offer the right kind of focus on English language and speaking abilities. This education system was introduced at the initiative of Lord McCauly. His vision was to devise ways how to train the Indian population to become servile and do clerical and administrative work. It was therefore necessary for the Britishers to create an English educated elite class that acted as an interface to manage and control that large masses. In the process, even this so called educated people thought in the vernacular and then converted these thoughts in English. This understanding must be appreciated by all individuals who want to progress today. The situation today is not that the foreign rulers want us to learn limited English. Today, the situation is that we can express our knowledge, which Indian minds are good at by using theEnglish language in an expert manner. So adept knowledge of English has become a necessity. It is even more necessary, when we want to sell our expertise to countries where English is a native language like US, UK, Canada and Australia. Professionals need to think in English. At work, they should try and find opportunities to use the language as much as they can.

We keep the above ideas in mind and our training ensures that our students become adept in the art of thinking in English.