This is an issue that causes a lot of trouble for many. People who lack fluency in English are found to nervous, hesitant and unconfident, even though they may be quite brilliant in their work or otherwise be very intelligent and well qualified.

So how does one go about acquiring fluency in English? One must understand that fluency in English is a continuous process provided the correct techniques are put in to practice. Here are some top tips:

1. Stop worrying Start Speaking: Many people lack the confidence to speak in English because they hesitate thinking that people will make fun of them if they make mistakes. They want to speak perfect English. The advice is nobody is perfect. Stop hesitating. Start speaking. Practice makes perfect.

2. Grammar needs to be studied: In the good old days, there used to be separate grammar period in school. Grammar was studied as a subject. As students of English, we need to practice grammar not study it. All you need to do is learn a rule of grammar and practice it by making your own sentence. Happy practicing!

3. Loud reading as a learning technique: Many people are unable to speak English because of difficulty of pronouncing English words. Reading loudly, any material in English can help you overcome this difficulty. Start slowly, but then try to focus on fast loud reading.

4. Increase the usage of language: Fluency in English can be developed by speaking English continuously. So try to increase the use of English. The more you talk the easier it will become. Ultimately it is all about practice, practice and more practice!

4. Pause at the punctuations: When you pause at the punctuations, it becomes easier to understand what is read.

Happy English Speaking!