There is no doubt that Grammar of English language is complicated. However, this complication comes in our way only if we want to study grammar in detail and as a separate subject. Actually, this is not necessary, except for professional writers. Even literature today is no longer what it used to be. Simplicity is now the buzz word. So simple language is the best for expression.

Realizing this reality, we have designed our grammar lessons in a fashion that these do not create any problems. Only the most relevant aspects of grammar are taught. There are lots of practice techniques which makes the learning of grammar a practical and fun filled activity. In this way we are totally different from the other English Language institutes.

The most relevant aspects for speaking, and writing grammatically correct English are – Tenses, Articles, Pasts of Speech, Auxilaries and Modals. These are covered in our training in a practical and easy to understand manner with the student learning grammar by making his/her own sentences.