Loud Reading is an excellent way to learn English for those who do not know the language. It is equally effective for those who know the language but lack the fluency or the confidence to speak the language with outsiders and in challenging situations.

Loud Reading requires effort in the beginning. You may find your pronunciation awkward and different from normal English at first. Do not worry or hesitate. English as an international language has dozens of different accents. It is important that you read the same passage or piece again and again. Things will become easier.

Here are some tips to make your English Speaking easy:
1. Start Slowly: Reading English will be difficult at first. Take the help of a guide who will help you through the pronunciations. Focus initially on one paragraph only. Read it continuously 10-15 times. Notice how it gets easier.

2. Take the help of a dictionary: Using a dictionary to find out meanings of new words will help you

3. Try to understand what you are reading. This will make assimilation of new words easier. In fact many new words are learnt and understood just by effective loud reading.

4. Pause at the punctuations: When you pause at the punctuations, it becomes easier to understand what is read.

5. Focus on what is difficult to pronounce. This is the main area of improvement.

6. Ensure each syllable is clearly and completely pronounced: Many people mispronounce words because either they omit pronunciation of a syllable or mispronounce it. For clear and effective speech you need to pronounce every syllable of every word, in every sentence – clearly, correctly and completely!

Remember. English Speaking is only self-confidence. Happy English Speaking!!