One of the main reasons why English Speaking seems to difficult is because we want to translate everything we hear, think or speak in our own language before trying to speak our own sentence in English. Let us look at each of these problems one by one:

1. Wanting to translate everything: If someone talks to you in English, and you want to understand what he has said in Hindi (or any other language), before you can start your answer. This makes English Speaking really difficult and effort consuming.

2. Wanting the meaning of words in your own language: If you wish to learn the meaning of every word in Hindi or any other language you speak; it becomes difficult to remember the English word. Use English-to-English dictionaries; even if difficult at first.

3. Thinking in your own language: Most commonly, people who find English speaking difficult, think in their own language. The greatest challenge for a student learning English is to think in English. This difficulty can be overcome through conjugation of sentences in different tenses.

Remember, if you wish to speak in English, you need to think in English and write in English and No Translation! Happy English Speaking!!