Ease of learning English Language :-

We are a group of language trainers. We have thoroughly applied our minds to understand how a language should be taught in easy steps.

Sufficient exposure to English :-

At present, though as a country, we are exposed to English language for more than 100 years, yet there appears to be a kind of fear about learning English. Students as well as teachers (leaving aside a few English medium schools) feel that it is a very difficult language. In fact, it is not! But, it requires a lot of verbal practice. The way we speak our vernacular languages is not the same way English needs to be spoken. Speech is formed with the use of the speech organs. When we are accustomed to using the speech organs in a certain fashion which is not applicable to the spoken English, we face difficulty. The catch lies only in understanding and teaching the correct use of the speech organs.

Experienced, enthusiastic Trainers :-

At Nimble Foundation, all our trainers receive training to become adept in speaking English the way it should be spoken. Because of this training, we are able to infuse among the students, a passion to use speech organs correctly and speak English fluently.

Further, we continue to devise new practices, lessons, and methods to keep honing our skills in teaching English. For more please visit: http://nimblefoundation.org