In the days gone by communicate to confuse was the magic mantra especially for the sales guys. The feeling was that if a person could throw jargon, deliver twisted logic through long sentences and then challenge the recipient understanding, he could have his way. This is history!

Increasingly organizations are realizing the benefits of simple, clear and effective communication which flows freely and purposefully achieves its objectives. But the question is why should we focus on simplicity? Let us look at the benefits of adopting simplicity in communication:

Removes Miscommunication: Simple communication is easy to understand. Clear instructions, spoken in simple words reduce the chances for miscommunication down to the minimum. Absence of miscommunication also minimizes the potential losses of time and resources by employees and team members who carry out wrong instructions due to miscommunication.

Creates a positive communication environment: In an organization where every team member is sure about his/her role, and puts in efforts to communicate clearly, there exists a positive communication environment and higher individual and organizational productivity as a result of it.

Strong Interpersonal Relations and Team Work: A natural consequence of a positive communication environment. Positive Communication builds trust and fosters goodwill. Good interpersonal skills, clear communication fosters goodwill among team members. People working together trust each other, enjoy their company.

The sum of this message is be simple, and communicate in a simple and easy to understand manner!